Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Comparing VLCC Strawberry Lip Shield, Maybelline Baby Lips and N.Y.C.Lip Slider in Sugar coated.Balm.

Hello all you Beautiful People,

             Sorry for being gone for long. Have been keeping busy. Today I will be reviewing three lip balms that I have been using and liking. I will be giving my honest reviews on all of them. so let's get started.

Battle of the Lip Balms!.

First up is the one which is the worst out of all-The looser ;). presenting N.Y.C Slider Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Coated. Swatch here: 

On my face: 

Its a light Pink- almost like the colour of our natural lip. People have been raving about this product but I don't understand Why? I found it to be:

1. Less pigmented.
2. Colourless(Tinted? really!)
3. Just sits on my lips and stains my clothes.
4. Non moisturising or softening lips.
5. almost melted in my college bag.
6. very sugary taste(yes, i tasted it).

I can go on and on but you got the point right? Not worth it.

The second Runner up is Maybelline Baby Lips love color in Cherry Kiss.

It's a nice tinted lip balm which comes in a tube form. I prefer this one better than N.Y.C. Just coz it actually is tinted and moisturising. It gives a nice orangey pink tint to lips which is very unique. I have used up the whole tube n still digging with my finger for more! Hehe. Overall a good option for ladies who love tinted Lip Balms. 

On my face: 

Will I buy it again? Ya sure! It's worth every 99 rupee. 

And now comes the winner(no suspense there eh?) .... VLCC Strawberry Lip Shield with SPF 10. Here is the swatch on lips:

It's very moisturising and leaves a subtle colour on the lips. It's ideal for everyday look and it's smells good too. It stays for upto 2-3 hours. Here is how it looks on my face:

So overall, ladies if you want a product which gives you a little colour but does not moisturise, then go for N.Y.C. Slider. If you want colour and moisturising qualities, go for Maybelline Baby Lips love Color in Cherry Kiss. Lastly, if you want colour, protection and moisturizing qualities.,, then you know the answer.

What's your favourite Lip Balm? leave comments below.

Until next time,
Be happy and stylish. 
Indian Curvynista.

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