Sunday, 6 April 2014

Beauty and Basic supply Haul

Hello all you beautiful people, 

     Today I am sharing with you some of my basic stuff which I recently purchased. It's a small haul which mainly comprises of repurchases of the things I have finished. I am totally in love with some of the products( hence repurchase)  and some I have bought for the first time. I will try them for a while and post a review of these products. So let's get it started.

 First up is the product I have been in love since months now. It's 'Palmolive Thermal Spa Shower gel'.  I love using showergel instead of soaps as it keeps my skin hyderayed, foams very well and smells amazing throughout the day. I have been using the thermal spa range in coconut butter and jojoba gel one. This time I decide to try the firming one(fingers crossed). This product is from the same range of thermal spa : Firming and contains thermal minerals and seaweed extracts! Can't wait to try it out.

The packaging looks too cute and smells like sea.its ingredints are 

Form: gel based.
Quantity : 250 ml.
Price: 135. 
The second product is VLCC's Strawberry lip shield butter. This is a new buy and I have read reviews about people loving it so much hence I bought it. I got lucky as 'Health & Glow' has an offer which gives you one more lip butter free on purchase of this lip shield. So I payed for the price of one and got two full sized product! Now,  that's a deal girl- go grab it! 

The packing is too cute and the product smells amazing too. Here is it's quantity and consistency.

Consistency: oil based.
Quantity: 10 ml.
Price 125(buy one get one) 
SPF: 10.

Moving on to the third product, this is a facial kit by a brand named Nature's and it's a mini gold kit😋. I was out of a home facial kit and wanted to try something natural so I kept telling the SA: " do you have anything natural- made with nature?" And voila, he gave me this! Ok back on the product, so this kit consists of a facial range in which they are four tubes of: 

1. Nature'a essence gold cleansing scrub.
2. Nature's essence gold massage cream.
3. Nature'a essence nourishing gold massage gel. 
4. Nature's essence gol revitalising pack 

The 'natural' ingredients are:

Quantity of each product can be seen in the above picture.
Price : 200 INR.
P.s you get a face wash worth 60 INR inside the pack(Yeahh). I am excited to try this kit. I will update you all my girlies once I try it.

The next product is a new try as well. It's Himalaya extracts 'Gentle Exfoliating Apricoat Scrub'. I love using scrub on my face and my favourite scrub flavour(?) is Apricoat. 

Consistency: thick with Apricoat extracts.
Quantity : 50 gram.
Price: 65 INR.

Another skin care product which I absoultely love is Dabur Gulabari. 

It's a repurchase and a must have in every vanity case. It's soo amazing and useful. It has Multiple uses and my skin loves it. It gives the skin a nice glow and can be used as a cleanser. I use this religiously and for this big bottle, the price is very Pocket friendly.

Consistency : liquid based.
Quantity: 120 ml.
Price : 39 INR.

And finally ! The last product is again a newbie but a necessary purchase. I hate to admit but my heels are in very bad condition right now. They are cracked and discoloured. It's nature'a way of telling me to take care of my feet too. This product has been raved by many people including my friends who also suffered from cracked feet. 

It's 'Krack Happy feet Heel Repair'. It contains the power of seven herbs and 'naturally' heals the heels(pun intended). I am hoping this to work on my heels. 

Consistency : cream based.
Quantity: 25 gram.
Price: 55 INR.

And that's all my girlies. Let me know if you want any reviews of the products and I will review them for you.

Until next time,
Be stylish and Happy.

Indian Curvynista. 


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