Friday, 19 September 2014

Mumbai clothing & Accessories Haul

Hello All You Beautiful People,

           Today I am sharing another Haul with you guys. I know, I know..I just did one but believe me, i have not bought any clothing since then. I am still on my shopping ban now more so because i am losing weight and I am sizing down so have to wear what's already in my Closet! How boring!. O.K. So as some of you who follow me on Instagram know that I went to Mumbai and obviously, i shopped there. This is my sharing of what i bought from there.

I went to Bandra - Hill road to shop as I love shopping there. the clothes, accessories and the food. We started with this small vendor on the road with heaps of clothes : all for 150. YES. 150! I got down to business and bought two pieces.


First up is this mint Shrug, you know by Now, how much i am obsessing over Mint these days. so and its lace and mint and fits well and full sleeved and........GORGEOUS. Have a look.


Then from the same vendor, I got this amazing army green shirt with some lovely detailing. I already wore this shirt guys and its superb, Its a tad loose though but i love the whole look when paired with a light coloured jeans.

From the same place, I got a razor back black tank top which has some gold sequins work on the front. It fits like a dream and I plan to match the mint shrug with it. This again was for 150 INR. 


Next up is a place which had clothes on a hangers so you chose whatever you want. I got so many nice clothes from there. Yeahh. 


First I got this white Chikan top which is do pretty and summery. As soon as I saw this top, I grabbed it coz let's be real, fashion in plus size at this rate is RARE! It has a cute neckline and has a drawstring kind of effect. This I got for 200 INR. 


This top is a loose fitted kinda off shoulder look. It has a knit cotton material and the texture is smooth. The top has a USA flag in a heart shape with some stars studded. I also like the high low effect it has. Overall, a good causal outfit. 

This blue top is kinda ok. I wish I would not have bought it because it's very loose and plain and doesn't do much on me. It is a plain blue top with some lace detailing on top. I might do some DIY with it. 

Now, this is what made me skip a couple of heartbeats. It was pure love at first sight. This horizontal strip dress has an ideal length which I am comfortable wearing and it has multiple colour stripes plus the waist has a cinched effect so I can look slimmer and the best part, is the back. The back has a now detailing which is super cute and looks so good.


This dress also was for 200 INR. Up next. Is again are some jewellery pieces which I picked up. 


This all pieces were for 100-150 each. I wanted to buy more jewellery but then stopped as I have a lot already and I don't have space to keep it so had to put it back. Next time may be.

Lastly, I saw this vendor selling this piece when I was leaving and it looked good. It is a palazzo pant which has a leopard print design and is super good material. I liked the fabric and it was wide legged and all so I thought! Why not try it. One tip: if you are not sure of the size, wear it above your clothes to see if it fits perfectly. I know street shopping can be a dud when you get clothes that don't fit so it's advisable to try it on before buying. This palazzo I got for 150 INR. 


Next, I went to Borivali as there is a seller who sells pants and trousers from export material. This are charity clothing and mostly come from European lands. Here you get all the pants of high brands and designs for 200 INR. You have to be very mindful of the size and the material. Sometimes, there are pants which are brand new but at times, it's worn for some time so check whatever is comfortable with you and purchase it. I love this shop for 3 reasons: 

1. I am helping the charity as I am buying the clothes.
2. I get foreign brands which have plus sizes and trendy colours and designs.
3. It's very cheap and the clothes are worth it.

So I always get 2-3 pairs for me as it's very long lasting with nice options. This time I went overboard and got 4-5 pairs. 


First is this black Lyra type material skinny jeans. I can't tell you my happiness when I saw this and it is a bit loose on me but I plan to get it alter soon. The material is that of leggings and is super stretchy yet skinny. My legs feel endless in this. Yeahh.. 


Can we pause and stare at this wonder for a minute please? It's a neon blue skinny jeans with the softest material possible and hardly worn. It has beautiful detailing at the button and the pocket area and it's from a brand called Bisou Bisou. 


The next pant I bought is something I have already worn as I could not wait. It is a beautiful coral pink trouser. Perfect cut with formal look yet you can casually carry them without feeling OTT. 


This pant has all my favourite things in a pant: 
1) It is high waisted.
2) It has a narrow A line bottom.
3) Pockets at the hip area to make my hips smaller. 
4) Double buttons and perfect tailoring. 

I am obsessed with these pants. Ok, I need to wear them in an OOTD soon.


This last trousers I got are very light weight in material and they have the perfect cut but there is a tiny issue that it is a little tight for me so I can't wear it now! Uff may be next month. 

I got all these pants for 200 INR each. That's all for the clothing part and now my only make up item I bought.I saw this MAC seller on the hill road and he had these chubby sticks with beautiful colours. I decided to try the orange one with least interest and voila! It was perfect colour that I was looking for. I asked my friends and followers on Instagram to guess this lipstick and almost all said Maybelline or Mac's lady Danger. Well! It is this MAC's chubby stick in orange. Here is how it looks and the swatches.


And here it how it looks on me.


Awesome right! I know! I got these beauty for 150 rupees only. So that's all I got. 

What did you like the most? Leave your comments below.

Until next time,
Be Happy and stylish,
Indian Curvynista


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  3. Where exactly in Borivali is this place?

  4. hey dear, its near the station somewhere near the indraprasth bazar.