Thursday, 6 July 2017

Styling Printed Tshirt with PRINTOCTOPUS.

Hello All My Beautiful girls!

             First of all, Sorry for being gone for long. I will explain in a different post. This post I am here with a fashionable surprise for you all. you know, us - plus size ladies have problem finding a brand that offers fashionable, affordable and most important comfortable clothing.

 I got the opportunity to work with Printoctopus - a brand that makes , Mobile covers, T-shirts for men & t-shirts for women PostersCanvas Prints & Mousepads. . They have a lot of variety to choose from: quotes, Movies, Funny and even you ca create your own version of it.

Print Octopus

I got the Tshirt which was very popular on their site. It came within 2 days and was packed very well. The tshirt was XXL in size which i prefer but it was loose on me so If you are ordering, try a size down maybe. Also the material is super soft and comfortable. Here is How it looks:

How to style the Tee:

There are a lot of ways in which one can style a graphic Tee- shirt. I love to pair it up with shorts, Pencil skirts or even Boyfriend Jeans. This is a very Special as it also shows my love for Pizza ! Here are the pictures of How I styled them.

I paired the tshirt with distressed denims from stalkbuylove, I have tucked in the tshirt to make it look even more stylish. Pair with some nice orange earrings and silver canvas shoes and the whole fashion quotient goes up!

Thinking of more pizza!!

No more poses, let me EAT!!

Back to the grind.

Stay Healthy or Eat pizza? Eat Pizza sure

Here is the link to the t shirt: pizza is forever

let me know how you liked it by commenting below!!

until then
Be happy and stylish.



Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Curvy Shopping guide Series 1: Where to shop for Plus sized Clothes in India?

Hello All You Beautiful People,

                      Today I am starting a new series on ,my Blog wherein I will post about #Curvy hacks which can be useful to all curvy ladies. To kick start this page, I am going to talk about the Shopping guide for Curvy ladies/ Big sizes.

                     As we know, to Shopping for Plus Size clothes in India can be a hassle but no worries as the Indian market is slowing changing and now there has been a change in the options available to us curvy gals. So let's look at some of the options- Places / Stores where you can shop for Curvy/ Big sizes / Plus Size Clothing in India.

Street Shopping:

I love to shop from the streets and mix and match my clothes but how often do we get the clothes we like in our ' Big Size?'  I have often gone searching for almost whole day and come up with empty handed. Through my street searching and trial and Error i have found these places in Mumbai to street shop.

A) Hill Road / Elco Market in Bandra:

This is my number one favorite destination to shop because they have all sizes and its super chic without costing you a rocket !. whenever I visit Mumbai, I assign a day just for Hill Road as I know, I will find something or the other there. Check out my previous haul post from Mumbai Here


you can ask the riskha wala to take you to Elco market because Hill road is a different lane in the front section where other accessories and shoes can be found but if you are looking for clothes then start directly opposite of Marks and Spencer and the whole lane, has various stalls on Footpath for 100, 150 to 200 INR. Remember to always try the clothes on before buying to be sure of the size and also bargain it down. You dont want to pay more than 250 INR for any outfit AT ALL no matter how Pretty it is! Okay? okay.

My Rating : 5 / 5.

2) Colaba Causeway:

Now, this is a place which is a second close to Bandra but more on expensive side. Here its a Hit and miss for me at times, I have at times found amazing things and at times come empty handed. SO colaba is a huge market but you need to know exactly where to go as many foreigners come there to shop and hence prices are ridiculously high at some stalls.  I say, check the ones that are inside on the narrow panes where you can get good deals and again keep bargain to make it affordable ;).

p.s while searching for a picture for any items i shopped from Colaba recently, I realized I have not shopped for clothing much this times from Colaba but you still get plus sized clothing there..I promise :)

My Rating : 4 / 5.

3) Mira Road Monday Market:

OK, so this one I just discovered last time and went CRAZY!! it is a bigggg lane and they have it on different days but the Monday market is more famous it seems. I dont know the exact Location but its in Mira Road and if you tell the Riskhawala about Monday market, I am sure you will reach there! Yup, Its' FAMOUS.

Mostly, I found more of traditional clothing there with a few stores here and there for western clothing. I loved this place and got quite a lot of Lakhanavi Kurtas and other Indian wear from there ( which I forgot to do a haul post of :( . It is very crowded though and you have to ensure that you are safe and so if your Purse. Best time : NOON.

I got this top only for 20 INR! No Kidding. It was on a rack and it is a very good quality with net on the shoulder and on the side cuts. I wore it for my trip to Maldives. Another Such a steal was a pretty  Yellow top from Atmosphere Brand I found for just 100 INR!. 

My Rating: 3.5 / 5.

4)  Borivali Market:

OK, so This is my second favorite place to shop in Mumbai after Hill Road as you can thrift a lot of things from here. You also get bigger and biggest possible sizes in jeans and bottoms. I have hauled a lot of bottoms from there in the past Here.

You can start checking the lane exactly opposite the Borivali East station where there is a huge mall called Indraprasth. Keep walking straight and you can spot heaps of sellers with their trolleys selling bottoms. Now, my rule is I always buy from 2 shops/ lorries that I regularly go to and I always carry a measure Tape with me. I also deal with them to get it exchanged if the size does not fit but 99 % they do. You can get bottoms from 150 to 300 according to its condition and Brand. Here are few examples of it.

The Shirt is thrifted from Bandra and the Pants are from Borivali market. Also my white pants that I wore for my Amydus blogpost Here are also from Borivali ( They are from New Look and fit me perfectly).

My Rating: 5 / 5.

So these are my go to favorite places to shop for Plus size clothing - street style version in Mumbai.


Now, let's move further to stores which house Plus sizes- Big size clothing. I would talk about some of my favorite places to shop which are majorly available in India.

If you are a curvy yet stylish fashionista ( Like me ;) then Max is your Holy grail shop. I loveeeeeee this store as they have such cool stuff with affordable prices. I always splurge on their tops as I find good deals from there. For example this Mint chicken top that i am obsessed with :

This mint top is a very nice summery top that I love and is super breathable cotton, light and chic. I think it was for 400 INR.

 This creme semi formal top has gold shimmer buttons stone all over it which look very Zara types: if you know what i mean.  This also was under 600 INR. 

They offer a lot of variety for Indian as well as western clothing. More power to you Max Fashion. 

My Rating: 5 / 5.

This is a specially dedicated Plus size store  They have stores in all big malls I go to Pantaloons or any central mall to find their outlet. This ones are very nice in material, well made and stylish. Mostly they have shirts and floral tops more. I feel they are better for formal wears. I have never shopped for any girly tops from there. Also there formals are super soft and would last for  along time so you can invest in them. I have some shirts from this Brand and I totally adore the. This however is a bit pricey compared to max Fashion but well, you can totally have the wear out of it. 

This zebra printed shirt is one staple shirt in my wardrobe that spells class, chic and formal all at once. Another shirt that I have from ALL is a white floral one which is super soft and the colors are so pretty. Have a look Here:

I suggest all curvy fashionista to shop for your formal gear from this one as it is an investment to your wardrobe. 

My Rating: 4 / 5. 

Now, If you follow me on Instagram, we already know that I await Westside sale like anything. I absolutely love their end of season sale. This store caters to Plus sized clothing with an inhouse brand called Gia Curves. They make tops, pants, leggings and pretty much everything for us curvy women. However, honestly, I dont shop that regularly from Westside as I find it expensive. It offers good options but I visit them in their sale season when everything is ridicuously cheaper and grab some cool formals and also some nice leggings. IF you have not shopped in their end of season sale, then you are living under a ROCK!! check out my Westside Sale haul Here.

I bought a mint formal top that is such a nice piece and every time i wear it, I get asked about it. It is formal and you can style this in many ways. This was for around 599 INR in End of Season SALE.

My Rating : 4 / 5.

 Pantaloons is a one brand stop for all the fashion needs. You can find many brands there. As I said, ALL is available at Pantaloons store and so is Bare Denims & Annabelle. I normally shop at Pantaloons from these brands mentioned above but they do have many other brands available. I prefer buying my jeans from their brand : Bare Denims as they are comfortable, stretchy and lasts longer. I remember buying their Super skinny denims when I went to London and wore them for 4 Years in and out. They are a little expensive but I believe a good pair of jeans is essential to invest in. Pantaloons also has an In house Plus size brand called Alto Moda which has casual and formal wear. I have not shopped yet form this brand of Alto Moda but it looks glamours ;) Again I shop from their end of season sale ONLY as I find them expensive. Some pieces that I have shopped are:

This formal dress I had bought 3-4 years back and its still very good and wearable. The best part is it takes the shape of your body and highlights your curves. i think this was on sale for 600 - 800 four years back. 

This pretty floral yellow shirt i bought from pantaloons is from a brand called Renamika which also has some plus sizes clothing. It was reasonably priced too (I don't remember the price). 

My Rating: 3.5 / 5. 

Now, this again is one store which houses multiple brand and is super expensive. I find Lifestyle to be the most expensive clothing store out of all i have mentioned. They do offer a lot of variety like Pepe jeans ( which I love), Lee Cooper, Vero Moda etc. I again just go there for two reasons:

1) End of season sale. 
2) End of season sale. 

Any who, i bought these shorts and a CODE dress from their in House Brand and loved it. 

Sadly, they do not have enough Plus size options available and the ones are there are not so pocket friendly. 

My Rating : 3 / 5.

Okay, so those were my shopping stores review from where I shop and now onto some Online stores - Brands. 

1) Stalk Buy Love :

I believe that this Online brand has made shopping for Plus size clothing so easy. Just at a click, You get soooo much variety in Plus size Fashion with affordable prices and FREE shipping. When I discovered Stalk Buy Love, I absolutely went crazy as they have EVERYTHING available in Plus sizes from Dungarees, Jumpsuits, Top, Dresses, leggings,Blazer..You name it and they have it. Their sizing chart is very well made clear on the website so us curvy gals can spend our money without any worry ( that rhymed!!). Some things I shopped are :

You can read about these pretty dress from Here

 Wait for my Lookbook with Stalk Buy Love to know more about my favorite pieces from their collection.

My Rating : 5 / 5.

 2) Amy Dus

This is another of my favorite website to shop from, for Plus size clothing. They have indian kurtas, Shirts, leggings and Bottoms to fullfill your fashion needs. I liked how they have mixed traditional and Indian collection to cater to modern working women. Their Bodycon kurtas can give slimming effect as below: 

so chic and pretty at the same time comfortable and reasonably priced.

My favorites are the formal sheer shirts which you can style in so many ways. check out my post with them Here.

So these are some of the shops- Brands from which I like to shop. Share with me your favorites and tag your curvy friends here so they can know it too. 

Until Next time, 

Be Happy and Stylish, 

Indian Curvynista

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

LifeStyle End of Season Sale Haul - Home Centre Haul from Lifestyle.

Hello All You Beautiful People,

                    I am back with another haul today. It is an End of season Haul from Lifestyle. Lifestyle Home Centre has always been my Favorite place to shop for Home Decor things. I feel the things are quite classy and unique. I always shop something or other from their Home Decor section especially in End of Season Sale because of the amazing prices. Here are the few things I purchased:

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Styling the Coral Peplum dress from 9 to 9 in collaboration with STALKBUYLOVE.


Hello All You Beautiful People,

    First of all, Hello from Maldives!! Yes I am on a vacation and totally enjoying it..more on that soon but for now, I am back with a 9 to 9 ootd post something which you can wear to work as well party in!! 

As part of the exclusive friends group of Stalk BuyLove, I selected this coral peplum dress which I thought I can wear to work and when I wore it first time for my office.. Everyone loved it. The colour and the fit of the dress really suits the curvy figure. The colour is soft coral and has black belt at the waist to cinch it in and give a nice shape.

Friday, 12 June 2015

A Small jewellery Haul (Gifted)

Hello All You Beautiful People,

                 How are you all? I am doing good and was so much in vacation mood that I dint realise that it had been a month that i had blogged last ;) Now i am back and would be blogging back to normal..Hopefully.. I have been travelling so much the past month but managed to not shop and be on my shopping ban. However, I was gifted some things which then resulted in a lot of new things which i thought to share with you. It is mostly Jewellery as you must be knowing by now how much obsessed i am with jewellery. so Without further ado, let's get started..

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Sheer Summer Shirts Affair - with AMYDUS - Plus size Summer Lookbook 2015

Hello All You Beautiful People,

                         Today I would be showing you how to style Sheer Shirts for the summer. As we know in India, Summers get pretty scorching and the heat gets so much that at times, I wish i can just wear Nothing! Haha.. Ok May be a sheer shirt and some shorts but for the office wear, it gets too boring and hot! To save you from the heat and work your formals as well as casual.. We bring you the sheer summer Formal/Casual Shirts in collaboration with AMYDUS- A Plus Sized Clothing Brand.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mumbai shopping Haul : Jewellery Haul and Basic Beauty products.

Hello All You Beautiful People,

                   As you might be knowing, I had gone to Mumbai for my office work and I kinda shopped a little from there(OK, might have shopped a lot ;). I was on a self imposed Shopping ban for past 8 to 9 months and I was thrilled to go to Mumbai and shop again.. AHH a Free Bird i was... so let's show you what i hauled. This is the part one of the series in which i would show the basic beauty supplies and some jewellery that i bought and part 2 would be clothes. Let's get the party started...