Tuesday, 18 August 2015

LifeStyle End of Season Sale Haul - Home Centre Haul from Lifestyle.

Hello All You Beautiful People,

                    I am back with another haul today. It is an End of season Haul from Lifestyle. Lifestyle Home Centre has always been my Favorite place to shop for Home Decor things. I feel the things are quite classy and unique. I always shop something or other from their Home Decor section especially in End of Season Sale because of the amazing prices. Here are the few things I purchased:

This is an overview of all the prettiness i got. Let's devour the cake one piece at a time now.

So First Up, We have this pretty lotus table piece. It was so pretty and classy. It is also a candle holder with a small candle and a glass inside it. The lotus petals has pretty design on it which gives it more defined look. The color is muted gold which is subtle and yet pretty. 


              Here is how it looks like without any lights one but once it gets the natural light or even a                                                                reflection....

It shines like a bright star! as if I have lit a candle in it but i have NOT!. it retailed for 450 INR.

Next up, we have a glass mug set of six. Pretty basic and simple. 

AAh, I have been looking for a pretty mirror for such a long time !It is a vanity mirror with one side the normal mirror and other side is the Magnifying glass mirror to closely check your makeup. I lovee this one and have already put this on my vanity. 

Next one is this pretty lantern, I loved the colors they had : Yellow, Red, blue all very eye catching. I got the minty green because it would contrast well with my room colour : Orange. 

                              It was for 150 INR.  Go Grab them before they are gone.


Then, i saw these yellow candle burner and I loved it! It smells so good too like a fresh ocean...the candle cup is pretty sturdy glass cup with sturdy glass and on the stand there is this pretty cap with flowery design on it. 

 The camera does not do justice to its beauty! its a subtle yellow but shiny 
and nice one which throws back light. 

This wall clock is probably my favorite out of all the things I got! The clock has the antic look in the center and at the periphery, it has mirror! The colors give it a very classy finish and has small gold dots all around it in the center and at the end. It reflects light very beautifully too and for someone as obsessed with mirrors, this is Heaven.  I got this for only 450 which originally was for 1250 INR!You do the math now.

Now i know, i know this is not home decor but these were on sale and I just could not stop from Buying them....so 

They are jet black in color with gold ribbons going around the whole shoe and have kitten heels which are comfortable as well. I loved how elegant they look. This ones were only 599 or 699 INR. YES!! 

The next pair I got is also black and laced up with bows on top of them. The camera again does not do justice to the beauty of the colour and lace detailing. These lace ones were for 899 and I have already worn them! Sheer love and elegance <3. 


That is all I shopped from Lifestyle store. If you want anything you like, go rush to the nearest stores and before that lemme know which ones are your favorite.

Untill next time, 
Be Happy and Stylish. 

Indian Curvynsita.

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