Indian Curvynista loves..

Hello all you Beautiful People,

                  I am introducing a new feature today on the blog which will include all the things which i am currently hearting. First on the list is the my new acquisition: the Cassette Earring. I bought these from Primark, London and since then they have been with me but on saturday, they saw daylight and were worn. 

  Here is the picture of how they look :

They are of Golden Colour with White two rounds in it. They are standing on a small edge to give them the look at a cassette and then they have Black lines in between. In short, they are of tops size and ideal for everyday wear and can definitely, jazz up the whole look. 

Here is how they look on me:

Hope you will like it as much as I do.

Until Next time,
Be Happy and Stylish,

Indian Curvynista