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Mumbai shopping Haul : Jewellery Haul and Basic Beauty products.

Hello All You Beautiful People,

                   As you might be knowing, I had gone to Mumbai for my office work and I kinda shopped a little from there(OK, might have shopped a lot ;). I was on a self imposed Shopping ban for past 8 to 9 months and I was thrilled to go to Mumbai and shop again.. AHH a Free Bird i was... so let's show you what i hauled. This is the part one of the series in which i would show the basic beauty supplies and some jewellery that i bought and part 2 would be clothes. Let's get the party started...

First let's look at the beauty supplies. First up is my Sunscreen. You know in summers, a high SPF sunscreen is  a must and I have been trying to look for this one in particular in my local stores but it was always out of stock so when i spotted this at Dmart Mumbai with a discounted price, I just grabbed it.  It is AMAZINGG if you want to sunblock, you should try this out. This retails for 355 INR for 100g but I got it around 300 or something. 

Next up is  a new purchase. I have been enjoying the mudpacks lately and loved the lotus herbals one but when i ran out of it, i thought, let's try something new, so i bought this one because Himalaya Products never disappoint me and this is sure does not. It is very cold and helps in summers especially. I aim to use it once a week on weekend and then decide if I like it or not. This retails for around 135 and i got it for 120 something.


Then i repurchased this product, it is a newer version of the same product but in a different bottle, i like the Dabur Gulabari Rose water as a cleanser and have been using it for a long time but this one has the same content just packaged with easy use to sprinkle it out. It is a little pricier because of that but again I got discount so why not? 

This Krafty glue because I want to try some DIY stuff so got that. I have not used it as yet but will try it soon. 

The next is a Pamolive Body Shower Gel from the range : Ayurituel Energy Range. It has Indian sandalwood and Ginger. This is my first time trying this as i absolutely love the Pamolive Body showers but this one is gel based. I am not quite liking but I would still use it up and see if it is worth it or not. ;)  This is very liquid shower gel and almost has no aroma to it. This retails for around 135 INR but again I got it for 15 Rupees off- so It came around 110. 

Next up is an absolute essential for my beauty supplies.. well Its Cotton balls. They are from a brand called Bella and come in various color 100 cotton rolls. I love using them as they are natural and yet so fresh and colorful. Nothing fancy though but I use these ones instead of the Cotton Pads to remove makeup as I can control how much I can use in one go and save for latter and also this is so organic,easy to use and;)

now i have some jewellery pieces because i LOVE jewellery and want it all. so this earrings i saw at a small store at Borivali and it was love at first sight. They are feather earrings with such vibrant hues and so light and chic. Also they were selling it for ONLY 20 rupees so what's not to like! DUH..I bought these in yellow and Orange. 

This Golden Neck-piece though..Ah I decided that I would not buy any neck pieces as I already have a lot and then I saw this one but I was hesitant and finally...i convinced myself that a 100 Bucks would not hurt anyone and I bought it and quietly hid it inside my purse so my logical mind would not confuse me again in not buying them..And the world was a better place all over again..

The ear cuffs are a rage this season and i wanted some nice ones to try out first so i got one silver and one golden one to start with..This silver ear cuff as shown below has dolphins joint together and goes in a high to low direction. 

while the Gold ear cuff is a spiked one which again has long chains and spikes at the end in high to low order. Both these Ear cuffs were priced for 50 INR each. 

Then I also got this beautiful Neon pink earrings which are kinda triangle but folds when you wear them and are so shiny and bling. This were for 20 INR as well.

Next Item I got were this silver hoops which are so traditional yet western so I decided to grab them as well just to work with my kurtis. This were again for 20 or 30 INR only.

Henceforth, all the items are gifted to me so I don't know there whereabouts or prices as someone got them for me. First up is the Golden Bangles with spiral cut shape. This are so bright and looks so good with western and Indian outfits. My sister got them for her but then I liked them so I coaxed her to give them to me. hehe..

Same story with this beautiful watch. This is from London, U.K and my sister got this but then she cant fit into them now so my wrist now have this gorgeous bejeweled watch and its Black, Bling and Classy...could it BE any perfect?

Next Up is another bejeweled item. This ear cuff was gifted to me by one of my close friends as we were shopping at colaba and I saw this one and liked it but the seller said: 150 and I thought it was a lot for an ear cuff so I dint buy it but kept looking at other stalls for the same thing only to be disappointed and then I found them next day at my table desk with a note...So sweet of her to do this. 

These Bangle set is perfection guys! It is mint, gold and works best with both western and Indian clothes. I love such pieces which I can wear with both attires and its MINT!!! you all know how it has taken a place in my heart so my sister knew that and bought them for me.

Next is the longgg neck lace with beads and flowers. My friend from Dubai, Nilu got this for me and i really like it already.

This traditional Gold cuff was sent to me by my Mom as she knows my taste soo well. I am sucker for unique traditional pieces and this beauty is to die for. The design is so intricate that it brightens your outfit instantly.

Again, this neck piece was sent by my Mom and yes, she shops a lot for me..(BEST MOM EVER).. this one has baby pink and gold work with pearls at the end and it is like a choker. I wore this with a white plain outfit and all you get is ATTENTION.

Disclaimer: Put your hand on your heart and look at this beauty. This amazing kamar band  (to tuck in your saree) is pure kundan love. If you like Indian jewels and like kundan, then you need a piece like this. It can jazz up your saree or take the attention away from the fat bulging out of the saree ;)  My genius mom once again made me sooo happy. THANKS A TON MOM.

Now, is some toiletries. My friend got me two perfumes- Deodorants from Dubai. First is the 'Hoitty Toitty' one. Its a body spray and has a musky spicy smell. I like the pink and black polka dot packaging. 

Second is this unique shaped monochrome looking perfume. Its called OUD collection : Dirham and its for Man but i like the smell so I had to grab it. My friend from Dubai got me this and it is very light weight and makes my vanity look so stylish and attractive. 

Phew..Last item is a pair of Flats. Summers call for flats and that too very comfy yet stylish ones. This flats i got at Mira Road Market and they are tan and white tee strings with a tie back. they are super comfy and made of Rubber so easy to wear even in monsoons. These babies were for 100 INR only so I bought them.

SO, That's a wrap, this is part one and I will be back soon with part 2 for my clothing haul. Let me know which things you liked the most. 

Until Next Time, 
Be Happy and Stylish. 

Indian Curvynista.

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