Saturday, 14 March 2015

Shoe Haul from Mochi.

Hello All You Beautiful People, 

             I know its a been a while and as I have promised, I would be regular in posting stuff. I am trying my Best to do so. Okay so coming on to today's post, It is my small shoe haul from my favorite shop : Mochi. 

I recently discovered the brand some two years back and since then I have been shopping from there and especially during their season sales. These two pairs of shoes I hauled around January or February during their sales again. I dint like the collection much so I got only two pairs ;) Here are my new addition..

This pink shoes were staring at me from the pile and as soon as i saw them, i grabbed them but then i saw them in Black too and could not decide which ones looked better so I went with my heart and got Pink ones. They are from the Roadies collection and are hot pink but not so overpowering pink too. I loved the colour and the fit hence I bought them. 

These second ones are for the lazy days and with minimal effort can add comfort as well as style to the outfit. These are cushion like soft and super comfortable. I plan to wear this all summer long and ditch my heels for them. they have this golden buckles to add the classy look which I like. 

And lastly, a happy -me Selfie with my matchy matchy shoes.

yes so that's all for now! I would be back with a new post soon. 

Until Next Time, 

Be Happy and Stylish.
Indian Curvynista.

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  1. Nice read Khushboo !!! The Pics are vibrant in color. You seem to try lot n lots of different color.