Sunday, 5 October 2014

Curvy Lookbook : 6 How To style white Pants.

Hello All You Beautiful People, 

       Today I am back with an Outfit of the Day -OOTD. I feel like it's been ages since I have done it and one fine day I decided to shoot it. I got ready and went with my photographer to find a spot to shoot but then the sun went down and we had to head home and shoot at home only. I would do another look with the white base yet again for you all. For now, I paired these two pieces from my wardrobe. It's a white on white look with a tinge of neon pink and I decided to go with that.

I had this white capri since a year and it was tight and light, so I never wore it. One day I took it out and tried it and it was too loose. I decided to wear and before it's no longer my size and I have to give it away ( I know! I have to do a weight loss post too). The top again was sitting in my closet and was of no use but then it went perfectly with the white Capri . Hence resulted this ootd. Enough of talks have a look. 

The white Capri comes a little below my knees and is idle for lounging around in the summer. It's very light and comfortable with matching white buttons detailing at the back as well as the pockets and at the hem line. While the Capri were not the statement piece here. The top had to do all the talking. It's silky material at the front and back is cotton with high low effect. The top had a zebra print and a pink neckline while the back is all neon pink. This is a statement top in itself and doesn't require any other pieces. Hence I thought they were perfect together. 

For the accessories part, I went bare with necklace and earrings as the focus was my top but wore a statement neon pink heart shaped cuff and my blue flats to give the comfort look. I really liked how it came out and would love to try it with same outfits. 


The front and back details : 


And lastly, my signature pose :

The makeup was bold black eyeliner and some blush on the cheeks with matching neon pink lipstick from Maybelline.


And here are my accessories including my shoes :

Outfit details:  Top : primark - London.
                         Capri: Thrifted. 
                         Cuff : primark- London.
                         Flats:  Bata.

Hope you liked it. Leave your comments below to let me know how you style your white pants. 

Until next time, 
Be Happy and Stylish,

Indian Curvynista.

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