Monday, 28 April 2014

My Inspiration(s).

Hello all you Beautiful People,

Today I wish to talk about my inspiration which made me turn to blogging. once upon a time, I was reading a cosmo and in it i read about a girl - a plus size diva who like me had been trying to find the clothes that fit and are fashionable too(you would think its easy but NO, IT AINT!). I read and devoured the article which talked about my this girl who decided to change this scenario and was inspiring many women across the globe to love their body as well as to dress fashionably.

Back to 2014, I realised if she can do it, why can't I? Thus, the birth of IndianCurvynista. There are many bloggers and vloggers who talk about plus size fashion or curvy women dressing but in India, it's still RARE. I felt a need to write about the plus size - curvy fashionistas who can get information about clothes available in India and the styling according to our context. This long rambling is thus a big THANK YOU to Brittany Gibbons, who has inspired me in many many ways including style and an Indian blogger- Gia from Giasaysthat. 

If you are a curvy women regardless of ur nationality, I just wanna say: love and embrace yourself and let's dress up and kick some asses😃. 

Both blogger details here : Brittany Gibbons -
Gia Kashyap :

Until next time, 
Stay stylish and Happy. 
Indian Curvynista.

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