Tuesday, 19 August 2014

End of Season Sale - Clothing Haul

Hey All you Beautiful People,

      Today I am going to talk about my recent hauls. I love this sale season and huge discounts make me wanna buy every single thing. I love to shop and I am  a shopaholic.... Guilty as charged however over years I have cut down on unnecessary things which keep piling in my closet. I shop now with a reason and a list. So when the season of sale comes, I don't go overboard and have a look at all different stores first of what they are offering and then buy some things which I really like.

Ok! Let's start the haul already ! This time  I first went to Reliance trends and they had really nice clothing which we shopped for my sister however I just got this orange pop kurti which was for 50 % off. Its nice and simple for casual wear. I liked the pop colour and bought it. I need to cinch it and do some alteration as it is very big on me.

Then We went to Westside which had amazing sale. i got few shirts and a top from there.i love westside's sales. They have awesome stuff to offer so i wait for them and buy some cool clothes at the sale which I cant buy otherwise because of their prices. I mostly got shirts which were 50 percent off for my office wear.

I got this pink shirt for 199 INR and its very simple yet classy. It is in  baby pink colour  and the sleeves are puffed. It looks very decent and formal when on.

then next shirt is a white shirt with purple stripes. it has short sleeves which are a bit structured and is a very simple formal shirt. I like this shirts to wear for my everyday office work and they look classy and make you appear smaller. This shirt was also for 199 INR.

I saved the best for the LAST..This blouse is my Favourite of all. I soooo love it. I have been obsessing over the mint colour lately. I saw this shirt and it was 599 INR but originally it was 799 INR. I looked at it and fell in love so I had to get it. It has ruffles on the front and a black piping running through it. The ruffles make it classy and flowy. It is a Chiffon material and comes with a matching slip to wear. The material is very soft and comfortable.It looks awesome when paired with a black skirt or skinny jeans. I will show you the skirt in an ootd soon.

and then I went to Lifestyle Home center to get basic home stuff as they had 50 percent off. I got these acrylic jewellery holder and a board.

I have been searching for this acrylic jewellery holders since ages and they were too pricey. I saw cynthia bought this from Lifestyle and just ran to Lifestyle to get it. These were for 600 INR originally they were 1200. I know the acrylic boxes are expensive so when they were for sale, i GRABBED them!. I will be posting them soon with the jewellery filled in.

Lastly, I got this writing board for posting and writing some ideas or leaving messages. It was on sale too for 299 INR.

That's all for my clothing haul. Now on to my Basic supply Haul. I did some basic repurchases of my favourite products and some are new. so let's get started.

Items repurchased: Palmolive Thermal Body Spa, Nivea Whitening Deo (buy one get one offer!).
New ones: Orris Wet Wipes, Zucci Hand Sanitizer and Clean & Clear Oil blotting sheets. That's all for now ;)

Until next time,
Stay Happy and Stylish,

Indian Curvynista.